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35 Prospect Park West Duplex Sells for a $2.1 Million Discount

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After a sordid stint on the market, this duplex at 35 Prospect Park West finally closed for $2,850,000 last week after asking a high of $4,950,000 all the way back in 2008. Not a bad price considering you're getting 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in what the New York Times considers to be one of the finest buildings in the outer boroughs. The sellers are probably slightly bummed by their $2,100,000 loss on the property. But don't feel too bad for them since they live in the building's 3,500 square foot penthouse duplex, having picked it up for $5,100,000 back in 2008. Going home to those views must make everything more bearable.
· Listing: 35 Prospect Park West #89D [Streeteasy]
· Sold: 35 Prospect Park West #89D [Streeteasy]