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Inside the Finger of Clinton Hill, Now Open for Renting

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The living room of a 1BR model unit.
The living room of a 1BR model unit.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

The controversial Finger of Clinton Hill is on the market?again. After a brief turn as condos and a purchase by a group of real estate investors, the Karl Fischer-designed building at 163 Washington Avenue is now open for leasing. We went by for a look, and we're guessing the looming structure won't stop agitating the neighbors any time soon. (They might have some very happy chiropractors, though.) As for what's inside, the listings show studios through 2BRs. Cheapest unit: a studio at $1,708/month. Priciest: the 2BR PH2, asking $5,495/month. Above, a peek inside three models and the amenities spaces.
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163 Washington Ave

163 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205