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Novogratz Clan's West Village Hoops Now Just $17.45M

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Lately it's been all sales all the time for places designed by flippers and reality stars the Novogratz clan. Just not at 400 West Sreet, which started off in 2009 asking a whopping $25 million. Aside from some celeb renters (and potential celeb renters), the only action the place has seen has been from the PriceChopper. The largest slice off is still the early 2010 cut to $19.95 million, which was followed by a 5 percent chop. The place just took another $1.5 million off the top, for a fresh ask of $17.45 million. Hey, those basketball courts that turn into movie theaters are awfully hard to price.

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400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY