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Massive Color-Changing Dutch Hotel Coming to the Bowery

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We heard crickets ever since we found out that Brack Capital scooped up 185 Bowery to complete their four property parcel stretching between 185-191 Bowery. Rumors of a hotel swirled, but the ruckus died down and we heard nothing for a while. Well, now things are hopping on the Bowery once more. Coming hot on the heels of Brack Capital's Orchard Street Hell Building's future rebirth as a Hotel Indigo, Dutch hotel chain CitizenM is planning a "budget luxury" hotel at the site which rests on the Bowery and Delancey Street. The gimmicky hotel is marketed towards "mobile citizens of the world" who seek "affordable luxury for the people." And this affordably luxurious hotel is going to be big. We're talking 315 rooms scattered across 90,000 square feet big. There's no rendering yet, but according to an informational video all the rooms have wall to wall windows, LCD flatscreens, rainshowers, a bed as "big as your dreams", and rooms that are controlled by a "mood pad" and can change colors. So get ready for some construction beginning within the coming months and the project completed by next year.

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