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Village House Now Wants Just $12.8M More Than '08 Price

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The townhouse at 47 West 9th Street, known to us because it's where scamster and Anne Hathaway ex Raffaello Follieri failed to pay a promised $1.5 million deposit, spent a few years out of the spotlight after a buyer picked it up for $12,672,000 in 2008. It popped back onto the market earlier this year, after a renovation that the owner thought merited a $15.8 million markup. Shockingly, no buyers have yet agreed. In fact, the house just got PriceChopped by $3 million, for a new ask of $25.5M. This time around, there are a few photos of the redone interior, including that 1,000-bottle wine cellar. Is the place worth what it's asking?
How the house was laid out back in 2008:

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