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World's Richest Man Carlos Slim Picks Up Another Townhouse

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What's $18 million to a guy that's worth $74 billion? It's apparently $2,500,000 too much. Carlos Slim, world's richest man and buyer of the $44 million Duke-Semans mansion just picked up the Felissimo Townhouse at 10 West 56th Street for a cool $15.5 million. Obviously Carlos doesn't need a mortgage and he's buying it in all cash. The house, which used to be home to Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Todd, is going to be the New York headquarters of Grupo Carso, Slim's conglomerate. Slim isn't fessing up to the purchase, but a "reliable source" says that the 10 West 56th Street LLC is a front for the conglomerate. All in all, not a bad deal, considering the fact that the closing took five days. This time both sides had brokers, so it looks like someone will be walking away with a commission they don't have to sue for.
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