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Neighbors Don't Like Sam Chang's FiDi Holiday Inn After All

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A few months ago, we predicted that even the biggest hater of buildings developed by Sam Chang and designed by Gene Kaufman might not have a problem with 99 Washington Street. After all, the 44-story Holiday Inn?make that 43 stories, according to revised permits?going up on the site is replacing an empty lot, which in turn replaced a parking garage Chang bought for $17 million in 2005. Apparently, though, someone did have a problem with it. A tipster points out a partial stop work order on the site. How'd it happen? A caller seems to have phoned the project in to the DOB for excavation that was damaging the foundation of the neighboring property. At least they prettied up the fence in the meantime.
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99 Washington Street

99 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006