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Children's Aid Society Buildings Will Become Luxury Condos

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The Children's Aid Society has been keeping us in suspense since its board met last week to consider bids for its two Sullivan Street buildings. The results are in?but the neighborhood might prefer it if the board reconsidered. That's right: the site is going condo. The purchaser of both buildings?for a cool $33 million, more than the expected price?is Broad Street Development, the Journal reports. Broad Street's plan is to turn the site into a 60,000-square-foot luxury condo. Given that the Children's Aid facilities, at 219 and 177 Sullivan Street, were put on the market because the neighborhood got too rich, the move isn't exactly a surprise. Unhappy neighbors shouldn't fear, though, says Broad Street principal Raymond Chalmé: "It's a sensitive neighborhood so we'll make sure to keep with its character and style. We're not planning on building one of these crazy towers." So what are they planning?
Chalmé said construction should begin next summer, right after the center closes. There may still be a community element to the project, like a nursery school or daycare. And Broad Street Development is planning on "incorporating" the Calvert Vaux-designed building at 219 Sullivan into whatever the new condos look like. We're not sure what they mean by "incorporating," but it probably won't look like this.
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