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Be Will Smith's Upstairs Neighbor for $85,000/Month

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We were pretty floored by Will Smith's $55,000 per month rental at 25 Bond Street last year, but this listing makes his fourth floor pad look like child's play. The fifth floor has literally the exact same layout but the premium for living one floor higher than the man who saved Earth from alien invasion with Tommy Lee Jones is $30,000. That's right, for $85,000 per month you can rent the 5 bedroom 6.5 bathroom beauty. If you prefer reality tv to Sci-Fi you can hang out in the kitchen which, according to the brokerbabble "will make you feel like you're in an episode of Top Chef." Who knows, if the renter and Smith get along, they can create a downtown slide for the new Willenium. (UPDATE: A tipster tells us the Smith family actually rented the 4th floor for $85,000. Makes sense given the matching floorplans.)

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25 Bond Street

25 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012