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Today at Trump Soho, Dueling Designer-Developer Lawsuits

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Trump Soho doesn't yet have quite as many lawsuits as it has pillow choices, but it's getting there. The latest addition isn't from disgruntled buyers, but from a disgruntled architecture firm and, er, the building's developers. The Real Deal explains that the first legal salvo came last week from building designer the Rockwell Group, which accused Trump Soho's developers of not paying for $1.5 million worth of interior design work. The developers countered with their own suit, which claims that Rockwell failed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?and then gets into a few more specific concerns about the building. Very specific.

The list of complaints: the firm put furniture too close to light fixtures, hangers can't fit in the closets, and the elevators don't have enough light. And the bathtubs were too small, even after a correction. But we know of at least one guy who didn't seem to mind that.
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