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Judge Clears Williamsburg's Domino for Construction

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Opponents of Williamsburg's New Domino megaproject tried to pull an Atlantic Yards late last year, when they sued the city over the environmental review process for the project. The lawsuit argued that the city failed to consider the impact the redevelopment of the sugar refinery would have on traffic, open space, and density in the area. Nice try, a judge said yesterday, but no.

In fact, not only was the lawsuit dismissed, as Crain's and the Brooklyn Paper report, but the judge made a decision immediately after the two sides presented their arguments in court, apparently a rare move. The $2 billion project, with 2,200 units designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, will break ground next year. The whole thing will take about 10 years. Enough time for neighbors to get over it?
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY