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A High Line Lot to be Food Destination Before Apartments

The Friends of the High Line just unveiled their latest plan to turn the area into the summer go-to spot. Their plan is for High Line patrons to feed into a fancied up parking lot at the northern end of the park. Are they hoping to do this with A.) a Plaza, B.) a food truck food court, C.) A Colicchio & Sons operated bar, D.) a public art installation space or E.) All of the above? Well, we wouldn't sit around making those things up if the answer wasn't E. The lot is located on 30th Street and 10th Avenue is aptly named Lot at 30th Street. That means it's right at the northern entrance/exit of the park, where a Friends of the High Line co-founder says, “It just dead-ends; there is no there there." Well said, and the whole thing cost just $200,000! Once the summer is over, construction on a residential project is geared to start in the fall.

So that Colicchio & Sons bar is going to be a 350-seat bar, called the Lot on Tap. In addition to standard wines and beers, it'll exclusively be home to Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat beer. Tom Colicchio is also going to be the "curator" of a rotating set of food trucks, including the Red Hook Lobster Pound, Coolhaus, Taim mobile, the Taco Truck and Kelvin Natural Slush Company. Nearby on the eastern section of the lot is going to be a collection of large, bulbous, parti-colored inflatable sculptures called "Rainbow City." Well, we expect to be spending some time at Lot at 30th Street if it delivers what it's promising.
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