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$3M W'burg Gretsch Penthouse Has Epic Outdoor Party Space

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We love it when an old-schooler wants to take the new guy to task. The Edge may have its LED-laden penthouses and supercondos but the Gretsch just presented a penthouse of its own. This $2,950,000 penthouse with 2,373 square feet of interior space and a massive 3,500 square feet of exterior space just hit the market. Last summer there was the opportunity to rent Josh Hartnett's neighboring penthouse for the relative bargain of $9,000 a month but what kind of lame party can you have on a mere 1,200 square feet of outdoor space? Now that the weather's getting nice, this penthouse is going to look mighty appealing to flush hipsters, we think.

· Listing: 60 Broadway PH1 [Corcoran]