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75 First Avenue Tower Chopping Floors and Going Rental

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The proposed development at 75 First Avenue is one we'd pretty much given up on, given how long its been since we'd had even a cryptic report from the project, a 14-story, 30-unit building "designed to attract young cutting edge crowed of the east village" (and terrify Rite Aid shoppers). But EV Grieve noticed a new permit on file and chased down the developer, who shared the news that, yep, the project is coming off the ice.

But It won't be exactly the same as the 2007 rendering (right), a design no longer allowable after the zoning changes of 2008. The final design will probably be about 80 feet shorter, and most likely the apartments will be rentals. Will it still attract the East Village's young cutting edge crowed?
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75 First Avenue

75 First Avenue, New York, NY