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Controversial 110 Central Park South Behemoth Returns

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It was two years ago when this rather hideous listing at 110 Central Park South was publicly shamed. Back then this massive 5 BR unit was asking $25,000,000 before it went off the market. Well, it's back asking $2 million more for a price of $27,000,000. There's also no interior photos up (to avoid another public flogging no doubt). What we did take note of is the envy inducing floorplan. Maybe it's just our excitement from the wild Sherry Netherland floorplans carrying over, but this is some sweet eye candy for your memorial day weekend, no? We're already feeling the vapors from this hot weather, so for everyone's safety, you can access the That's Rather Hideous photos right here.
· Listing: 110 Central Park South [Sotheby's]