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Getting a Frank Gehry Apartment Without the "Swoony Silver Stuff"

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Mindy Fox and Steve Hoffman were skeptical of the "well known architect"-designed designation an apartment on 181st Street in Washington Heights was given, but they decided to check out the space anyway. As soon as they saw the "curvy plywood chairs", the "Frank Gehry fish lamp" and stacked Douglas fir plywood bookshelves, they knew immediately it was a Gehry. The not-over-the-top Gehry designed apartment was made for his daughter, who eventually moved out of the area. They bought the place for $500,000 back in 2005 and have utilized the 1,200 square feet of it as much as they humanly can. We like the looks of this place, a whole lot. Sadly, no slide show this time.
· Space, Light and Bragging Rights [NYT]