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Move Right in to Time Warner Center's Latest Listing for $26M

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Most of the Time Warner Center listings we look at have a hint of scandal, a celebrity connection, or a history with the PriceChopper. But Time Warner Center apartments that are simply (or not so simply) nice also have their place, and that place is in this blog post. Above is #68AF, a 4,050-square-foot 5BR, 5.5BA that hit the market last week. The place was designed by Kenneth Alpert, and it's got everything we'd expect of a pricey pad advertised as turnkey: high ceilings, lots of stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets. The price: $25.95 million. It looks like 68A last sold in 2004 for $5,685,869 and 68F at the same time for $2,422,791. So it's not just a nice apartment, but also an ambitious one.
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