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Chelsea Rental's Extreme Décor: Art or Insanity?

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This week New York magazine takes a look at the "extreme décor" of six apartments occupied by some pretty eccentric folks. There's the crafting creations of Amy Sedaris, the crocheted everything of artist Olek, and, good lord almighty, this Chelsea rental. It's the work of fashion designer Sylvia Heisel and her husband, Scott Taylor, and it was inspired by a contractor accidentally breaking one of their windows. They decided to follow the cracks using artists' tape. The cracked apartment or spiderweb apartment or loony bin apartment or whatever you want to call it switches to paint for the bedroom.

Well, what do you expect from a designer who worked on Matthew Barney's Cremaster cycle? The paint is actually on fabric that covers the walls, so returning this rental to white box condition when the lease is up won't be a nightmare.
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