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$5.4M Former Cobble Hill Convent Will Become Apartments

At the beginning of the year, the 100-by-200-foot property at the corner of Kane and Henry streets in Cobble Hill traded hands for $5.4 million. The buildings, with lots of broken windows, don't look like much, but they have an interesting history: they used to be home to a convent called the Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor and were later used by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The recent buyers appeared to be local residents, and now Lost City has some intel on what they're up to. They'll be converting the two double-wide townhouses into apartments, and the back yard, crammed full of junk, has been getting a cleanup, too. Anyone have any other details on what's coming to the site? Here's hoping the Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor stay part of the name.
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