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Details Revealed at Dumbo Loft Conversion 192 Water Street

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Located deep in Brooklyn's land of the loft, 192 Water Street has slowly been coming out of hiding. The condo conversion of this old Dumbo warehouse has had several stops and starts in recent years, but in February, architecture firm Della Valle Bernheimer pretty much guaranteed that the project is back on. Now a teaser website has gone up for what will be 9 lofts carved out of the former tea warehouse, which dates back to 1887.

What stands out about the site is the playful handwritten building logo and text, and there's meaning behind it. Brooklyn Digital Foundry and Oliver Jeffers, an illustrator of children's books, were commissioned for the gig, and the style is meant to communicate the family-friendly nature of these big spaces. The three-bedroom apartments average 2,500 square feet in size. Care to see a glimpse of the finished product?

The website offers this preview of the lofts, including their exposed beams, brick walls and oversized windows. The building (which is getting a fifth floor added on top) is being developed by Hamlin Ventures and Alloy Development, the latter of which includes Jared Della Valle, who is pulling double duty. It's interesting to compare the project to other selections from the Della Valle Bernheimer portfolio. If 245 Tenth Avenue has all the modern sleekness of an iPhone, then 192 Water is like two tin cans attached with string. Both are effective, and both have their fans! Occupancy is expected in spring 2012.
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