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New Carnegie 57 Rendering, Name, Pricing Hints Unveiled!

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Let it be known across the land: the behemoth that will soon be New York's tallest residential building, Carnegie 57, shall henceforth be known as One57. Following in the footsteps of Diddy and Gehry, this hotel/condo bad boy wants to outdo them all. The above rendering was unveiled on the building's website, and if you squint it kind of looks like it's giving Central Park a sweet high-five. Now that's what we call a subtle psychological advertising move. Moving on, they're also asking potential buyers to register their interest in the one-four bedrooms units and penthouses with a price range between $5-$30+ million. Those are some pretty ambitious numbers, but those views are going to be killer. The 90-story building's 135 residential units will be on top of the 210-room Park Hyatt Hotel. Looks like they're making the back pretty already, check out the reflective paneling they've got up.

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157 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 Visit Website