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Possible East Village Historic District Gets A Few Buildings Bigger

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission set the boundaries late last month for two potential East Village Historic Districts meant to preserve the neighborhood's 19th-century residential buildings. The first version of the bigger of the two historic districts encompassed nearly 300 buildings, but that wasn't quite enough for some preservation-minded East Villagers, who lobbied the LPC to expand its study area. Victory! Above in pink, the add-ons along Avenue A, East 6th Street, Second Avenue, and East 2nd Street. The specific buildings include 101 Avenue A, a tenement that has been a German social hall and a drag performance art space (er, not at the same time), and the former magistrates court/current film archive at 32 Second Avenue. There's still plenty of room for modifications before the LPC makes an official decision, but things are looking good for Team Preservation.
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