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Former Prospect Heights Townhouse Hits the Market as Condos

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Location: 659 Bergen Street
Size: 13 studio and 1BR units
Prices: $329,000 to $439,000
Architect: Karl Fischer
Developer: Bergen Heights LLC
Sales & Marketing: Aguayo & Huebener

659 Bergen Street used to be a two-family townhouse until a developer bought it in 2006, demolished it in 2007, and brought the one and only Karl Fischer on board to design something new for the spot. We usually assume projects that have been lingering that long are on ice, but not this one. 659 Bergen's 13 studio and 1BR units are officially on the market. And speaking of blasts from the past, the building's angle? "The quality of pre-war construction with the look and feel of modern design using recycled materials," according to the write-up from the sales reps. How they've done that: with custom sconces made from pipes and carved with the building's name, VI.V.IX. There are three units in contract so far. Er, make that III.
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659 Bergen Street

659 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY