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Manhattan Rents Still Climbing Up, Just Not in FiDi

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The late April stats showed the rental market mostly looking good with the peak season around the corner. Another month down, and things are still going the landlords' way, according to the latest report from the firm formerly known as TREGNY. Rents are up 0.68 percent Manhattan-wide and 1.12 percent in doorman buildings. Rents so far this year are still about 6 percent higher than in 2010.

So is there anywhere left to find a cheap-ish Manhattan rental? MNS recommends two 'hoods: Harlem, where studio rents are down 7.41 percent, and FiDi, where rents have fallen 9.91 percent. The report urges renters to hurry, but with more new rentals hitting the market, the FiDi window of opportunity might stay open a bit longer.
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