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Is Your Apartment Getting You Laid?

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Well, is it? If not, you might need to step your game up a little and upgrade to one with the "sexy factor." While it's no secret that most everyone is impressed with a trophy apartment, more than a handful of guys are letting their apartments do their wooing for them. The esteemed gentlemen which graced the Post today think “Women see windows — and skirts come off.” And while that gem was from Jim Norton, a legitimate comedian, the other catches are being totally serious about their reliance on their apartments as their secret to getting some. "John", a financier even likes to share, letting his friends use his 5,000 square foot Upper East Side apartment on the ladies while he's out of town. Ewwww, we would have some hygiene concerns after a while. Superbroker Dolly Lenz makes it official by saying “Today it’s a little ostentatious to be buying a Ferrari, but a trophy apartment says you’ve arrived." At least it's a little classier than this tactic. Oh, and if you immediately need to find a newer, sexier apartment check out a few here. There's a "Black Penis" but it's safe for work. Just another reminder that sex and real estate belong together. No matter how awkward the pairing gets.
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