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French Fifth Avenue Co-op Finally Sells for $10.6 Million

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We're well-acquainted with the pricing experiments happening on the 17th-floor of 812 Fifth Avenue, which was renovated not long ago by French architect and Philippe Starck protege Joseph Dirand. At its highest point several years ago, the apartment was quietly asking $17 million, but the price roller-coastered its way down to $9.95 million (cash only) and back up to $12 million. Something in the middle, s'il vous plait? Buyer Marc Lasry has just paid $10.6 million for the place, according to the Journal. The Lasry family also owns a townhouse on East 74th Street and plans to hang on to both properties. The seller, investor and TV producer Kevin Wendle, only paid $6.4 million for the apartment in the first place?but after several millions spent on renovation, he only just broke even. But hey, it could be worse.

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812 Fifth Avenue

812 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY