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Buyers Assemble $2.7 Million Williamsburg Supercondo

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While some Northside Piers buyers are ready for war, others are ready for...forking over lots of money to developer Toll Brothers. The priciest sale yet in the Williamsburg waterfront's Two Northside Piers has hit public record, and it's a whopper. Buyers Shira and Craig Rosenman paid $2.74 million for their condo, and they appear to be the first purchasers to crack $2 million in either of the two Northside Piers towers. That's one way to get pool access! Still, the building has many cheaper units that have yet to sell, so what made the Rosenmans' purchase worth $2.74 million?

Two words: combo condo! A look at the deed reveals the Rosenmans purchased #20AP, two adjacent 2BRs facing the river. Total size: 2,931 square feet. We're not sure whether the apartments have already been combined (there don't appear to be permits on file for the work) or whether the buyers are planning to pay extra for that.
Either way, the only floorplans we have are the separate ones for 20A and 20P:

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