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Revenge of the 15 Central Park West FSBO (You Know the One)

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There is big news at 15 Central Park West's only unwanted apartment. Of course we're talking about #2D, a two-bedroom unit in the Limestone Jesus that we've been absolutely obsessed with ever since it first hit the market as a for-sale-by-owner listing sporting a look that definitely looked worthy of the $4.3 million to $8.5 million markup. The saga has taken many twists and turns in the months since, adding and dropping brokers, increasing and decreasing in price, posing for different photographers. Now the price has gone up again, it seems. Or maybe not. This apartment occupies its own special dimension within the space-time continuum, so trying to make sense of it with our puny human brains can only lead to frustration and failure.

The $7.38 million "truely specious and classic prewar ditails" listing is still up on StreetEasy, but this week yet another listing for the apartment popped up through Nest Seekers. Asking? $7.58 million. Pick your price! There are fresh pictures, too. That's the new-look kitchen above, now featuring a bit of Mother Earth to lighten the mood. Let's look back on the kitchen's history just to keep things in perspective:

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023