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Foreclosure Filings Drop in Brooklyn, Rise in Manhattan and Queens

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Last we checked, a new paperwork ruling had slowed down foreclosure filings statewide. A few months later, what's the sitch? Foreclosures are still down, by 65 percent citywide compared to April 2010, and by 12 percent from March, according to the latest report from the folks at PropertyShark. The number of lis pendens filings have dropped, too, by 23 percent from last year. Brooklyn and Staten Island are both on the foreclosure decrease bandwagon, with 54 percent and 20 percent drops in foreclosures, respectively. Manhattan and Queens haven't quite gotten the memo (maybe it's buried in all that newly required foreclosure paperwork?), because Manhattan's foreclosure filings were up 4 percent from last year, and filings for Queens were up 3 percent.

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