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Time Warner Center Developer Now Asking $18.375 Million

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It's not even the priciest Time Warner Center listing we've seen this week, so what's notable about #67C? Two things, the Post notes: it's owned by Time Warner Center developer Kenneth Himmel, who is now attempting to pull a Zeckendorf, and it's the recipient of a recent and sizable PriceUpper. The renovated 2,416-square-foot apartment is asking $18.375 million this time around, significantly up from a 2010 asking price of $15 million. Can "a magical mahogany paneled library with a wet bar and en suite bath" justify a $7,605/square foot ask (building average: $4,121/square foot)? Just how magical is this mahogany?
· Listing: 25 Columbus Circle [BHS]
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