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Tribeca Artists Want $64 Million for Apartment Mold

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Tribeca's block-long Jay Street has been grabbing more headlines lately than many streets several times its size. This week, the block's building in the news is 15 Jay Street, where two artist residents have just filed a $64 million lawsuit against their landlord. Married artists Ann Shostrom and John Bowman have been leasing a loft in the building for more than 30 years, but lately conditions inside their apartment have deteriorated. Their ceiling collapsed after a leak in 2008, the Post explains, and now there's a "moldy condition" inside their apartment. They allege that the landlord failed to do anything about it after being notified, and that they've developed problems within vision and breathing, liver damage, and "inadvertent body jerking" as a result of the mold exposure. Now they're saying the mold poisoning is landlord Jay Hudson LLC's attempt to force them out, after one previous attempt to buy out their lease. If they win the suit, they can move just down the street.
· Sickened artists sue Tribeca landlord over mold exposure [NYP]