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MTA's Big East Side Dig; Harlem's PS90 Up to a C Grade

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UNDERGROUND?Someday in the future the Long Island Rail Road will connect to Grand Central Terminal. This is called the East Side Access project, and today the MTA uploaded a very cool Flickr photo set of the construction, including big digs in Sunnyside and in Manhattan. The above photo shows the Manhattan tunnel. Spooky! [Flickr]

HARLEM?We recently got a tour of abandoned West 148th Street public school turned condo complex PS90, and since then, some more units have been snapped up. The building is now 70% in contract or sold, and the 22 remaining residences are priced between $475,000 to $879,000. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PS90 Condominium

220 West 148th Street, New York, NY