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Tribeca's Ultimate Teardown About to Hit the Market for $45 Million

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Developers of the once-troubled Skylofts at 145 Hudson Street got the last laugh when the two-story glass box they built atop the Art Deco building sold for $30 million. That was in 2009, when the market was in free-fall, and this was actually the second Skylofts penthouse. The first wasn't built to Landmarks Preservation Commission-approved specifications, and had to be torn down. In the meantime, the building couldn't get a Certificate of Occupancy, buyers couldn't close on their apartments, and rioters burned Tribeca to the ground (we might have been dreaming that last part). But that's all in the past! Now the duplex penthouse is about to hit the market again for $45 million, the Times reports, which would be the most expensive Downtown apartment sale ever. The current record-holder? This penthouse! C'mon, Skylofts, stop trying to impress us.

The Times writes that "the current owner allowed a tour on the condition that he not be identified and that no photos be taken of his extensive art collection, which made full use of the specially designed walls," but we've long known that investor/ex-con William Duker bought the penthouse as an investment property. The Times does have some fun details about the place, which has 7,500 square feet of interior space and 4,500 square feet of wraparound terrace action. Here's one: "On the main floor, insulated glass panel dividers can either be closed to create more intimate spaces, or opened, to create a larger one." Moving glass walls? What is this, The Matrix? If so, the seller definitely took the blue pill.

The apartment will be listed by Elliman superbroker Leonard Steinberg, so keep an eye on his page. Hungry for some visuals right now? Check out the old renderings.
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