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Covert Cameras, 'Building Sweeps' Used to Hunt Illegal Tenants

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The world of private eyes is a shadowy one, for sure, especially when it comes to those who specialize in spying on tenants on behalf of landlords, looking for things like rent-stabilization scamming. These mysterious men and their practices got some rare publicity last summer in a New York Times story about tenant investigations, and now one from their ranks, former reality TV star Vincent Parco, has (inadvertently?) allowed us another peek inside this world.

The bald and burly Parco, author of How To Catch Him With His Pants Down: and Kick Him in the Assets, sent a letter to Curbed HQ pitching his services. We're not property owners, but we're still fascinated that Parco's "building sweeps" typically find "about 20% illegal occupancy." What goes unmentioned is what percent of that 20% winds up sleeping with the fishes. Parco's web URL is the incredible, so check him out the next time you're ready to heat up the rent wars. Full letter below: