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More Details Trickling Out About 30-Story Roman & Williams Hotel

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Hotshot design firm Roman & Williams (Ace, Standard, 211 Elizabeth, Gwyneth Paltrow) announced plans for a new 30-story Midtown hotel back in September 2010, sending one of their trademark sketches our way. We've been waiting to see more ever since, but little did we know that, just like in The X-Files, the truth is out there. A more colorful rendering of the 120 West 57th Street hotel is up on R&W's Facebook page, and the firm has posted two sketches of room interiors on its bloggy design portfolio. Care to see?

It's called the Willow Hotel on the site (Willow Hotels is a subsidiary of Ark Partners, which is developing the project), and it's scheduled for a 2013 opening. According to R&W's explanation from back in the day, "Guest room and public area designs will feature rich woods, understated yet grand décor elements, and a nod to Mid-Century-Modern design." As for the facade, here is how he firm described it: "The façade is defined by two muscular shoulders – made of iron-spot black brick – that define, frame and ground the building’s front elevation. Glazed black brick and metal windows – muntined to create the feeling of a beautiful lantern when lit from within – comprise the bulk of the façade." Sounds lovely, but it'll be a while before we start to see it. Here's the site as it looked this morning:

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Willow Hotel

120 West 57th Street, New York, NY