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The Deuce is Loose! 42nd Street Condo Returns With a New Name

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We had a brief yet torrid fling with a little condo building called The Deuce a while back. The Brian R. Boyle-designed building on 42nd Street (hence the nickname) between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues was a Hell's Kitchen curiosity: The "architectural concrete" development had just seven units, and prices started at $1.65 million, with the duplex penthouse going for $4.5 million. Those prices took some major tumbles, but in January 2010 The Deuce was dropped...from the market. Now the neighborhood has pricey new additions like MiMA, and the concrete condominium is ready to give it another shot. But don't call it The Deuce this time around.
The reborn project is now known as 534 West 42nd Street, and more than just the name has changed. Elliman's Frances Katzen has brought the seven apartments back with a new website and revamped interiors designed by Nick Olsen. Olsen appears in several videos explaining his design influences, and capitalizing on a burgeoning trend, there is also a series of photos of a model traipsing about in the staged interiors. Check some of those out in the gallery above.

Oh, and the PriceChopper is back, in a big way. Remember, prices once started at $1.65M and the penthouse was going for $4.5M. Check out the new lineup:

Bloodbath! The average is now $845 per square foot, extremely low for Manhattan south of 96th Street. So will The Deuce have juice this time around?
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534 West 42nd Street

534 West 42nd Street, New York, NY