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Extra Place Hoop Dreams End Just as Fast as Knicks' Playoff Run

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We've been fascinated with the changes over the years at Extra Place, everyone's favorite formerly semi-secret alley just off the Bowery. Developer AvalonBay got control of Extra Place and planned a "slice of the Left Bank" in the East Village, but those plans haven't yet materialized. Sure, pavement has been laid and graffiti has been removed, but Extra Place still has yet to develop that café society, or any society, for that matter.

Recently, EV Grieve spotted a basketball hoop on a fire escape, which is both a fantastic idea and yet another knock on the slow-to-develop Extra Place. After all, how many Manhattan streets are so free of pedestrian activity that a full-on bball game won't get in anyone's way? The hoop is gone now, and we're still wondering, will Extra Place ever live up to its developer's big dreams?
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