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UES Townhouse Would Like $14M More for the Same Thing

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The last time the funky-looking townhouse at 134 East 74th Street sold in 2008, it went for $12 million from artist Ellen Questel to developer Laurence Gluck's Stellar Management. But whatever redevelopment plans Gluck might have had for the site never came to pass, because according to the fresh listing from new brokerage HPNY, the townhouse is still a 9,700-square-foot five-story townhouse with two "artist's studio duplex" units. What's different is the price, which is now, brace, $26 million. Actual sales price predictions, anyone?
The floorplans are broken down by floor, so we've collected them in a gallery for easier viewing:

· 134 East 74th Street [StreetEasy]