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Plaza's Oak Room Felled By Plaza's Condo Buyers

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Sad news from the Plaza Hotel's grand Oak Room, the restaurant and bar that has lately been better known for "Day and Night" parties on Saturday afternoons: the Oak Room will be closing. The Times uncovered paperwork that puts the closing date at July 31. The news follows a $33.3 million lawsuit by the Plaza's owners against Oak Room owners the Gindi brothers, with accusations of "vulgar" conduct that disturbed building residents, "significant financial arrears," and other lease violations.

Of course, even though the Oak Room's departure will take care of some of these problems, the Plaza these days isn't the sort of place that misses opportunities to trade insults. Our favorite from the Plaza side, an excerpt from the court papers, accuses the Gindi brothers of ruining the hotel's "costly efforts to restore the landmark Plaza Hotel to its former glory, in a city where the amenities and manners of cosmopolitan society have increasingly given way to the rude and ordinary." Whatever could they mean? The Gindis' lawyer has an idea: "The reality is, worse things go on upstairs in the Plaza than whatever went on in the Oak Room."
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