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Jeweler Thinks Her "Hideous" UWS Penthouse is Worth $20 Million

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Back in 2007 we gave the penthouse in the Pythian at 135 West 70th Street the distinction of a That's Rather Hideous title, noting its then $18,000,000 pricetag in relation to the largely underwhelming interior. Well, the beast is back and this time it's demanding a whopping $20,000,000. The interiors will make you go "eh" and the view ain't that nice. We would expect something more grand, considering that the seller is Aya Azrielant, a specialist in all things hideous. We're not saying a five bedroom five bathroom penthouse on the Upper West Side is going to come cheap, but we await the pricechopper's vicious cut of justice on this one. Don't feel too bad for Aya though, she got the place for $1,934,680 from a family member back in 2004 so she's bound to make a nice profit no matter what. If it actually sells, that is.

· 135 West 70th Street PHBC [Elliman]