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Politician Achieves First Victory in Neighborhood Nickname War

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Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries must be really happy right now. Soon after proposing legislation banning neighborhood names?triggered by "ProCro"? he finally got Corcoran CEO Pamela Liebman to retract any phrasing in listings that incorrectly labeled streets in Crown Heights as Prospect Heights. She shared a brief apology with The Real Deal: "The borders of New York City's neighborhoods are often debated to the point of confusion. We were happy to comply with Assemblyman Jeffries' request and appreciate his efforts on behalf of his district."

If this is going to be the first in a string of victories for Jeffries, then brokerage firms should get ready for a New York where you can't pull names like ProCro and BoCoCa out of nowhere. It also means that Prospect Heights will be "Washington Avenue to the east, Eastern Parkway to the South, Flatbush Avenue to the West and Atlantic Avenue to the North" forever.
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