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New Story House Condos Hope to Sell Buyers a Pricey Fairy Tale

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Location: 36 East 22nd Street
Size: Eight full-floor 2BR and 3BR apartments
Prices: $3 million to $3.895 million
Architect: Stephen B. Jacobs Group
Developer: The Zucker Organization
Sales & Marketing: Cantor-Pecorella

The marketing campaign for The Story House, a new condo at 36 East 22nd Street, is interesting one. The building was once home to the offices of Frederick Warne & Company Publishing, which published Beatrix Potter and the Brothers Grimm, a history that became the jumping off point for the building's sales efforts. As developer Laurie Zucker tells the Times, "our brochure is a cloth-bound storybook, and it’s a fairy tale that we wrote about how a fairy wanted to do something wonderful with the building and she created these fabulous apartments."
The fairy seems to have spent some time perusing the brochures of other new Manhattan condos, because the amenities line-up on the building website (we don't see listings yet) is similar to what we've seen elsewhere: private keyed elevator access to each apartment, washer/dryer combos, luxury kitchen and bathroom setups, etc. The average price of $1,517/square foot quoted in the Times is a little more than the neighbors are asking, but fairy dust doesn't come cheap these days.
· Official website: The Story House []
· Square Feet: Laurie Zucker [NYT]

The Story House

36 East 22nd St, NY, NY