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Willets Point Officially Ready to Find Developer for Phase I

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While everyone else was busy thinking about the traffic ramps at Willets Point?the environmental assessment for which was recently approved by the DOT and Federal Highway Administration but is still awaiting public review?the city was preparing its Request for Proposals for the first phase of the Willets Point redevelopment. Hey, that's one way to keep attention away from the Mets' season! The city's RFP is out today, following a 2009 Request for Qualifications that sparked interest from 29 developers, including some big names. According to a press release from the city, some of those 29 interested parties were invited to submit development plans based on the RFP. We don't know which of the developers were contacted, but we now know a little about what they're being asked to do.
The Request for Proposals includes this basic description of Phase I:

The plan for Phase 1 includes up to 680,000 square feet of retail space, up to 400 units of housing, 35 percent of which will be affordable, a hotel, two acres of open space, and parking. In addition to submitting proposals for the Phase 1 area, respondents to the RFP must also include a concept plan for the entire 62-acre district. Developers have until August 12 to submit their plans. In the meantime, according to the press release, the city has obtained 90 percent of the land in Phase I. There are nine private owners still on their property, and we're guessing at least some of them will be speaking up at the next traffic ramp-related public hearing on June 8. Looks like it'll be quite the summer in the Iron Triangle.
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