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Battery Park City's Liberty Green Will Start at $3,195/Month

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We got the news last week that Battery Park City's Liberty Twins are officially going rental nearly a year after the opening of the sales office resulted in, er, not much in the way of the sales. We still don't see any listings online, but we did get the official rents from the leasing office. Brace, folks. Studios will start at $3,195/month, 1BRs at $3,895/month, 2BRs at $6,150/month, and 3BRs at $8,500/month. A tipster writes in, "I told them [the 2BR price] was ridiculous for the area. They replied something about condo finishes, yada, yada." These numbers are just for the Liberty Green half of the pair (Liberty Luxe is still under construction), which will be ready for move-ins June 1. Anyone reaching for their wallets?
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