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Courtney Sale Ross Tries, Tries Again for $60M at 740 Park

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High-end brokers have been making a case for weeks that the luxury Manhattan market is back, and now we've got a pretty big test balloon. The Journal reports that Courtney Sale Ross, philanthropist, 7 Hubert Street resident, and widow of former Time Warner CEO Steven Ross, is making another attempt to sell her duplex apartments at 740 Park Avenue. Last time the 12th- and 13th-floor apartments were available in 2008, they were only quietly on the market, with an expected sale higher than $60 million. This time they're going the more official route, though we don't yet see a listing online. The apartments, which "have access to each other but are not fully combined," are asking $35 million and $25 million, for a total ask of $60 million. Back in 2008, broker and UES expert Edward Lee Cave estimated that only 10 people in the world could afford the apartment and pass the board, and even with a slight decrease in price, we don't imagine the number's gone up much since then.
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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY