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Festival of Ideas Threatens to Turn NYC Into Portlandia

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After Rem Koolhaas kicked off the New Museum's Festival of Ideas on the Bowery, things finally got underway at the neon worm-laden event and yes, local bloggers were there. What's the verdict? Well, the bounty of capu-chuchu-chuchu tea, artisanal creations, and "bike blended" smoothies led the folks down at Bowery Boogie to conclude that "much of the event just seemed overblown and dominated by Brooklyn transplants." Maybe Sam Sifton didn't get the memo to them, but Brooklyn is just where it's at. Or something like that. Okay, whatever. It might be a "yupster-driven version of a high school science fair" but we bet that smoothie was well-blended.

Vanishing New York did not have kind words for the festival, either:

"So far, the city of tomorrow looks a lot like college life in the Pacific Northwest. It also looks a lot like hipster and brownstone Brooklyn. Which is to say there will be a big emphasis on bicycling, artisanal everything, knitting, gardening, kombucha, and making "no-food processor pesto with park-foraged dandelion and rooftop-grown arugula." Okay, we agree, a green market in the subway does seem like a stretch.
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