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Introducing MNS: Real Impact Real Estate

Introducing MNS - the official alliance of The Developers Group and The Real Estate Group of New York, now New York City’s most powerful real estate brokerage. For the buyer, seller, renter or developer, MNS works harder, sells faster, and markets smarter, leaving the competition scrambling to catch up. They currently rep Williamsburg Edge and One Brooklyn Bridge Park, the city’s two hottest luxury residential properties, shattering sales records and championing the notion that industry recognition is born of top notch client service, not the other way around. When it comes to web and marketing, MNS is the only outfit that does it all in-house, simultaneously maximizing traffic and lead conversions while saving clients money. Find out why, when it comes to life in the city, MNS is New York’s most invaluable resource. MNS is real impact real estate. More>>