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Harlem Sales Ranked; Artists, Help to Beautify Atlantic Yards

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HARLEM?Selling new developments in an oversupplied Harlem is no fun without a little competition. And so the folks at Halstead ranked sales at 29 new Harlem developments over the last four quarters. In first place is 88 Morningside, with 32 units sold. In the second and third slots, Embelesar 118 (18 units) and Livmor (13 units). Is it the manliness that makes them fly off the shelves? [CurbedWire Inbox]

BROOKLYN?The Atlantic Yards construction site has already gotten one shot at beautification through Urbancanvas, but, well, it could use another. ArtBridge has issued a call for entries from Brooklyn-based artists with "visual works that riff on, reveal, or reference the artistic process." Entries are due by June 26, and some of them will be displayed on the Flatbush Avenue scaffolding on Atlantic Yards' south side. [CurbedWire Inbox]

88 Morningside

88 Morningside Avenue, New York, NY 10026