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Gretsch to Residents: Keep Dogs Away From Tree Pits, Or Else!

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Much as we like South 'Burg loft building the Gretsch, we can't deny that it's had some problems. With A/C, for example. And holiday tips. And art. Perhaps the only thing that's never been an issue at the Gretsch is pets?until now. The new developments, as per a memo from building management to all residents earlier today:

We to remind our residents to please curb your dogs properly and not within fifty (50) feet of the front entrance or the tree pits. Please be aware the building staff will be vigilant in this respect and we will begin treating the front area of the building and the tree pits with chemicals that may be harmful to your dogs. The tree pit ironwork has suffered considerable damage due to dogs urinating on it and we will begin holding the dog owners responsible.

Is the building's bark worse than its bite?

Directly in front of the building in the sidewalk there is the Con Edison grating for the electrical transformers below, please DO NOT let your dogs urinate on or near this grating. Besides doing permanent damage to the transformers which provide our electricity, there is a possibility your dog may be eletrocuted. Disgruntled building owners: maybe the outdoor space for sale upstairs would work as a substitute dog run?
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Gretsch Building

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