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MTA Tries a New Disguise for Its Fake Village Townhouse

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The early reviews of the MTA's proposed subway ventilation plant at Mulry Square were so unenthusiastic the agency went back to the drawing board to revise the townhouse-like faux-cade. Last night, the MTA presented the latest version to a Community Board 2 subcommittee, and that version is above. As the GVSHP blog explains, the design still calls for a faux-cade over a concrete box, but the facade is shorter this time around, and the windows have actual glass. Adds a certain realism, no? The MTA's latest plan also calls for the 9/11 commemorative Tiles for America to be embedded into the concrete around the building's base. The LPC has a purely advisory role in the design and will give the MTA its feedback next week. Our verdict: it can still never be as good as the one in Brooklyn Heights.
The view from Greenwich Avenue:

The older version of the plan:

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